Participant Status and the Next Step

The status of a participant tells you what actions the participant has taken and completed.  Each status also lets you know what the participant's next step is.  Below are the 6 different statuses that will be shown and what action can be taken and by whom.

  1. Not Found – they have not registered
  2. Registered – they entered their information and did nothing else
  3. First Visit – they have gone to the assessment system but not completed anything
  4. Personality complete – they have completed the first portion of the questionnaire and can return to complete the second
  5. In Progress – they have started the Cognitive portion and maybe working on it, recently ended or ended it incorrectly and Support needs to review the data/logs if it has been more than 20 minutes since the individual started – do not contact the participant – they cannot do anything about this
  6. Complete – everything is done and the results can be reviewed.
  7. Violation of T&Cs (blocked) - this participant has multiple accounts and the system has blocked this account to ensure the integrity of the DATA.
  8. Removed at Participant Request - This participant has requested their records be removed.  The place holder is just informational.