How do I Complete the Questionnaire

Click HERE for a brief video of the process.

It is intended that a participant will complete the questionnaire from the registration process following all instructions provided there and selecting to continue from the confirmation page.  If you selected to return later or you left the process for some reason such that you need to return and complete the process,  you are best to do so as originally intended from the registration page.

Simply click on the link that was originally provided to you by the company that requested you complete the process and enter the information associated with your account:

First Name
Last Name
email address

Do not create a new account under any circumstance as this may result in your results being blocked from the company.  Once everything is entered correctly as associated with your account and you press Proceed, the system will find your account and allow you to proceed to the correct step in the process.  If you are told that your email address is already in use then your username or password may not be correct and you should use the automated tools at to recover them before returning to the registration page.